The Project

EH-NKISHON a Maa word for "Prosperity and Blessing".

Maa is the language of the Maasai. - The Kenyan State-recognized CBO, Community Based Organization, has set itself the task of supporting the lives of Maasai women in the Laikipia region. These women, who from childhood on to heavy work, to endless children, and to subservience, are the foundations of this society. They organize the household, make sure that the children get food, go to school and help with the herding of the animals. Since the men do not work, the survival depends without exception on the women. These cultural methods are not erasable.

These women are supported by our project since 2012, where you have the opportunity to get a micro-loan. With a loan of just 20 - 50 euros, a woman in this region can become independent and independent. With these small amounts, they can open a shop selling salt, sugar, cornmeal, etc. They buy pearls and make the famous Maasai jewelry or some goats to sell milk. With the money you earn, you can offer your children a future.

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