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The Plastic Project

In 2016 we started a PLASTIC PROJECT at Kimagandura.

Africa is poor on waste systems, so wherever you go, you will see plastic waste on roads, in the fields, in the villages, cactus are colorfully peppered with plastic that the wind carries across the land.

Every 10th goat, sheep or cow dies on eating plastic. Watch the photos below.

Rwanda (2008) was the first country in the world to ban plastic bags.

Kenya (2017) is the second country to follow this decision. They have the harshest penalties, wich can mean up to 4 years in prison – for using plastic bags.

We visit schools (500 up to 800 children on one school) and tell the children about the plastic problem. We ask them to collect all the plastic they see and bring it to the school, where they store it. As a motivation, they all get pens  – one pen costs in Kenya as much as two days food for a family…

So if you visit that area once, you will notice the clean environment – and animals don´t die anymore on plastic.

Hand washing after collecting plastic
Little Plastic Partners
Meshak collect without shoes
Ndir, always helps
The Pioneers