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The Water Project

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and others are so proud that they are able to fly into space for fun…  One flight is 90 minutes and costs USD 450.000 per person – that would be enough money for 30 boreholes – that´s WATER  for 150.000 people.

What a shame!!

On the other side of the globe people don´t have access to drinking water – it´s 2022!!!

The people of the Kimagandura community didn´t have drinking water around. The ladies had to go every day 8 kilometers to the next borehole, wich takes two hours. Then they carried home 20 liters of clean water on their back! After four hours they were back home – this water is for drinking, cooking, washing etc…

Every day the same procedure…

We collected €24.000 for a borhole – from very great people, who realize the situation.

NO RAIN SINCE 2,5 YEARS !! 50-80% of their lifestock died of hunger and thirst!!

The Hydrogeological Survey was done in April 2022 and on May 30th 2022 the drilling team arrived! On June 17th 2022 the borehole was opened by the Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Korere.


Pics from May/June 2022 – The Borhole Story

Blessing for Good and Enough Water
Start of the drilling
First Water at 65m
Water is LIfe
Women Blessing Heimo in a Song
Main Speaker Sarah
Member of Parlement – Sarah
Water for All

Pics from 2017-2021