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The Rescue Project

In 2019 we bought a used Suzuki Escudo to bring people in case of  emergency to the hospital. Before they fixed the sick person with the driver on a motorbike …

So our team member Eunice Lakita got her drivers license an is driving sick people to the hospital.

In 2020 she completed the training to become a Community Health Worker.

This year in March, Eunice drove a pregnant girl with the EhNkishon car to Nanyuki hospital, cause the baby didn´t want to come out. On the way they had to stop and 10 minutes later, the lady gave birth to a healthy girl in the car and Eunice Lakita was the successful midwife.

An old man, found in the bush, was rescued and brought to the hospital
1st baby born in EhNkishon car – on the way to the hospital